Reasons why I wanna friends with weird people because I found them amazing and I am with them xD … I felt normal being with boys but when with girls I felt so unease,  it depends on what kind of girl they are…

Weird Girls, Boyish girls, Girls that speak english always – I feel very comfortable with them and I can talk to them freely what I want but no bad things XD ….

Popular girls, Girls that are really girly, and girls that are outgoing with friends always – I found it really unease to talk to them.. I am shy towards them and I cant even think of any topic to talk to them… and I find it really really hard and thinking twice just to correct the sentence in my head to talk to them.. And I think twice if they are gonna like what im gonna say or not….

Girls That are normal – I can talk to them but there is some restrictions its that I kinda still feel a little bit unease and I can’t look directly to them when they are near and I always look away from them 😛


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